About TaiNEX 1

  TaiNEX 1 has actively worked to preserve the natural environment, and became the first exhibition hall in Taiwan to obtain the Green Building Label, as well as to complete greenhouse gas verification in accordance with international standards. From controlling carbon emissions of the Exhibition Hall to eco-friendly operations and several other environmental protection measures, TaiNEX 1 supports the government’s energy-saving and carbon reduction policies with concrete actions, and hope to create a sustainable environment alongside industries and visitors.

Green Building Label

  • TaiNEX 1 has fulfilled all seven indicators, including site greenification, water conservation, daily energy-saving, carbon dioxide reduction, indoor environment, water resources, and sewage and waste improvement, and was granted a Green Building Label by the Ministry of Interior.

GHG Inventory

  • TaiNEX 1 completed the verification of greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with international standards in 2009 and 2011, and was certified by the British Standards Institution (BSI) according to ISO 14064-1 – Greenhouse gases.

Eco-friendly Operations

    We encourage organizers not to carpet the aisles in the Center during exhibitions.

    We also encourage the exhibitors and designers to reduce wooden installations, adopt reusable system booths, and reduce decoration waste to simultaneously achieve energy-saving and environmental protection ideals, such as reuse and recycle.

  •     Some paper promotional materials of TaiNEX 1 are duplex printed.
  •     Recycling bins are available in multiple locations along the corridors of the Center.
  •     Food scrap recycling bins are available in the dining area of B1.
  •     Recycled rainwater is used to flush all toilets and urinals in the Center.
  •     Lavatories are equipped with automatic faucets to reduce water consumption.
  •     Hot & cold water dispensers are used to replace plastic cups or bottled water.
  •     During the non-exhibition/event periods, escalators are turned off and only elevators are available.

For more information, please refer to the  TaiNEX 1official website