PCB Smart System Integration and Application Theme Pavilion

iASIA x Mechanical cloud

  The highlight of exhibition “PCB Smart System Integration and Application Theme Pavilion” this year is joint planned by TPCA, iASIA (Intelligent Automation and System Integration Alliance), and the ITRI Mechanical cloud platform project team; through the collaboration between industry, academia, and research institute , a new horizon is created for future PCB industry.


  The development trend of smart manufacturing is gradually turning the traditional PCB industry from a closed to an open international supply chain. The PCB Equipment Communication Interfaces (PCBECI) was meant to solve the communication inconsistency problem between various equipment and systems. However, in order to solve the problem of data streaming between equipment from different brands, it is imperative to proceed to the next stage of “device data information” framework integration for current PCB equipment industry. With the efforts of iASIA, a common format of shared data of each equipment will be constructed, so that different brands of the same type of equipment (such as etching equipment) can share the data. A new business model and win-win situation can be created for equipment manufacturers (Maker), PCB manufacturers (User) and system integrators (SI), and thus assisting domestic industries in creating a new PCB ecological chain.


  In the theme hall, there are posters and movies for static demonstration but also interactive areas for oral explanations on projects. In addition to introducing the intelligent equipment and data format from iASIA alliance, the results (5+1 Dashboard) and mechanical cloud platform are also demonstrated through face-to-face communication with visitors (mechanical cloud download experience and store-in-shop software download application test). During the exhibition period, a “PCB Smart System Integration Seminar” is also held. We hope to introduce this innovative business model to domestic and international PCB industry players.


Through the exhibition in the main pavilion this time, we announce to link mechanical cloud (Ministry of Economic Affairs) and the public version of the information format (iASIA industry alliance). By breaking the boundaries between nations, factories and brands (equipment of the same type), we hope to promote a common interface standard in the PCB industry globally, so as to consolidate Taiwan’s leading position worldwide in PCB industry.