TPCA Show 2023 – Advanced, Intelligent and Net Zero Emissio

        The TPCA Show 2023 and 18th International Microsystems, Packaging, Assembly and Circuits Technology (IMPACT) will be held from October 25-27 on the 4th floor in TaiNEX1. In the same period, EMA TAIWAN 2023 is still as a highlight activity to present the comprehensive electronic manufacturing trend and promote technical R&D, while showing solidarity in Taiwan’s electronic industry, in the hope that it will become the most iconic electronic exhibition in the world.

        TPCA Show 2023 will also connected with TAITRONICS, AIoT Taiwan , OPTO TAIWAN. To gather four important shows in the same time to promote Taiwan brands and providing a global platform of electronics industries.

        Nearly 450 domestic and foreign brands and 1,376 booths of the electronic industry chain are invited. Since the border has been reopened, it is estimated to attract more professionals and buyers from Japan, Korea, Thailand, Japanese, Korean, Thailand, Vietnam and U.S. buyers than before will come to visit TaiNEX1. Aligned with the expectations that Taiwan’s PCB industry can achieve high-end manufacturing and net-zero emissions, the TPCA Show 2023 has built the theme zones “IC Substrate/PCBs,” “Smart manufacturing/Software,” “E Assembly/SMT,” “Green Tech/Sustainability,” “Materials/Chemicals,” “Testing Equipment,” “Dry/Wet Process Equipment” to optimize carbon reduction and introduced ESG to present the vision of high-end manufacturing processes and smart manufacturing.

        ESG has been promoted as a global trend, Not only PCB Industry devoted to reach net-zero emissions, But also TPCA Show had the experience of low-carbon exhibition for 14 years and introduced more than 66 practices, to act in concert with the three themes Environment, Social and Governance.

        As a part of electronic industry chain, ECO friendly and net-zero emissions is our mutual responsibility, TPCA gather whole PCB industry in Taiwan and devoting to enhancing industry competitiveness and creating sustainable new values. Even for an exhibition, TPCA will make efforts to gradually optimize carbon reduction and integrate ESG into the event.

        In the first quarter of 2023, there has been a decline in consumer electronics demand, including non-essential expenditures such as home appliances, wearable devices, and home entertainment equipment. Sales of mobile-related products continue to decline, particularly impacting companies associated with iPhone sales. However, driven by telecommunications infrastructure and low Earth orbit satellite communication, network communication products have experienced growth against the trend.

        IMPACT 2023 has renowned exhibitors this year and is held jointly by IEEE EPS-Taipei, iMAPS Taiwan, ITRI and TPCA. It’s theme “IMPACT on the future of HPC, AI, Metaverse”, explores the latest electronic technologies that promote cooperation between businesses and organizations.

        High-performance computing, artificial intelligence, and metaverse technology, will profoundly change existing technologies, connect people in new ways, and redefine our lives. To provide a valuable platform for these innovations, IMPACT 2023 will feature keynote speeches, special sessions, industry conferences, invited talks, excellent papers, and poster presentations. In this year,IMPACT also collaborates with international organizations such as IEEE EPS, ICEP, JIEP, and iNEMI, as well as global consulting firms like Yole Développement and Techsearch.

        Join us at IMPACT 2023 and become part of the future of electronic technology!

        For more information, please follow the TPCA Show official website and click here to finsh pre-registration!