Materials / Chemicals

The significance of PCB new materials in AI and 5G applications has become a focal point of the TPCA Show. We sincerely invite potential buyers to visit the TPCA Show to gain a deeper understanding of the advantages of these new materials.

In the realm of AI, the high conductivity and thermal properties of new materials provide superior support for high-performance AI processors, which will greatly influence future computational capabilities and applications. Additionally, the miniaturization characteristics of these new materials promote lightweight intelligent devices, opening up more possibilities for smart homes and automation.

Regarding 5G, these new materials enhance signal penetration and reduce interference, thus improving communication speed and reliability. This is crucial for building efficient 5G networks involving key components like base stations and mobile devices.

Visiting the TPCA SHOW will allow you to stay informed about the latest technological developments, interact with industry-leading new material suppliers, and discover how to apply these innovations to your AI and 5G projects to enhance product performance and maintain a competitive edge. It’s an opportunity not to be missed, and we look forward to your visit.

TPCA Show Floor Plan is coming soon!