​AI ChatGPT sets off a technological war

News briefing

AI ChatGPT— a kind of Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer, was launched in November 2022, and its users have already exceeded 100 million within two months of it going online. Given its huge popularity, the AI war among technology giants has become most fierce among Google, Microsoft, Apple, Baidu, and others as one after the other join the battle.


Impact analysis

ChatGPT is an AI chatbot program developed by OpenAI, and it can interact with users in a “natural dialogue” manner, including the generation of automatic text, automatic question and answer, automatic summarization, and several other tasks. Hence, it can effectively save time in simple program coding, document composing, proofreading, translation, and other tasks. However, heated discussions and doubts have also arisen as there are likely to be problems prone to algorithmic bias and the patching of text with unclear semantics. The greater concern, however, is that it may have affected the demands of knowledgeable workers.

Besides, the global technology giants also feel that AI technology may have come to a turning point in its development and that it should have reshaped the future of technology. For example, Microsoft has taken the lead in launching a new search engine that combines ChatGPT and Bing, and, so, as an AI service with the Edge browser, while Google, Baidu, and Apple are preparing for the related AI application plans to grasp the subsequent discourse power in technology. As such, it is believed that there will be a new wave of growth in terms of hardware construction for huge computing power, aside from the demands for software and talent in the future, including AI chips, data centers, and cloud servers. For example, as the demand for computing power for ChatGPT has greatly increased, as witnessed by a surge for at least 10,000 high-end GPUs, MIC has predicted that server shipments will continue to grow at a rate of 5.1% this year., The corresponding ABF board, HLC, HDI and other PCB products should, therefore, be pumped with fresh business momentum.