How to apply TPCA Show

  1. Booth Fees

NTD (Tax excluded)


PCBs / Flexible &

Printed Electronics

TPCA Member


Member of WECC Association


Non-TPCA Member


Surface Finishing / PCBs periphery & downstream


  • The booth fee only contains raw space, any decoration layouts and electricity are not included.
  • Exhibitors are responsible for water, air and electricity supply application specified on exhibitor manual.
  • In response to environmental protection, we encourage exhibitors to go green and use sustainable materials on exhibit designs.。

2. Registration

(1)The Organizer uses e-mail and cell phone text messages to deliver notification and announcement. Please make sure you fill out the correct contact information.

(2)Please download the application form or request your copy by e-mail. Please mail it back completed and

signed(or stamped).


Chloe Tseng

TEL: Tel:+886-3-3815659 ext.304

Fax: +886-3-3815150


3.     Booth Allocation



Smart Manufacturing in PCB industry PCB periphery & downstream
1. Larger booth selects first.

2. For same booth size, Exhibitor with higher

priority number selects first.

3. For same priority numbers, the selection order

will be determined by a draw.

1. Large booth selects first.

2. For same booth size, Exhibitor who applied at an earlier date selects first.

3. For same registration date, the selection order will be determined by a draw.

4.(1)Registration date is determined by the fax receipt date or postal stamp.

(2)Registration date will be the date of the last change when changes to booths are made.

Selection Sequence

(Priority Number)

Priority number = sum of the booth numbers rented TPCA Show TAIPEI 2023, 2022, 2021 and at TPCA Show Shenzhen 2023 & 2022.
Booth Layout


1. The booth space layouts are determined by the Organizer prior to booth allocation.

2. The Organizer reserves the final decision to any booth allocations to any exhibitors.

Notices 1. Booth fees must be fully paid before the booth allocation process for any booth size, any registration date and any priority number.

2. Booths selected for a single exhibitor must be adjacent to each other and not cover parts of the aisles


4. Cancellation Policy

(1) Cancellation on or before June 30, 2023 : 70% refund of booth fees

(2) Cancellation from July 1 to July 31, 2023: 30% refund of booth fees

(3) Cancellation on or after August 1, 2023: no refund

* Booths finalized after allocation cannot be refunded.

*If the show is cancelled due to unforeseen reasons such as earthquakes, typhoons, epidemics, fire or flood, the Organizer’s corresponding actions will be decided by TPCA Exhibition Committee.