TPCA Synopsis

Founded in 1998, TPCA as a non-profit association with obligations in providing development info on global printed circuit board industry, organizing members gathering, participating in international printed circuit board activities, promoting common interest, enhancing the overall competitiveness, promoting cultural and information exchange within the industry, and sharing of resources through various activities that were organized. Through maintaining the relationship with overseas associations and experts, has been successfully promoting Taiwan circuit board industry in the past two decades. Through the dedication and effort contributed by the TPCA committee community, TPCA member companies have increased from 300 at the beginning to 630 members of the day.

Organization Structure

  • General Meeting: This meeting is held annually.  It holds the highest state of power where each authority is authorized.
  • Council: The council is formed by election through the general meeting, it consists of 15 members who will mutually elect 5 routine directors, and in turn elect a chief director.

The incumbent director is Mr.Tzyy-Jang Tseng, and honorary director is Mr. Jian Wu (Chairman of COMPEQ MANUFACTURING CO., LTD.).

  • Board of Supervisors: 5 supervisors elected in the general meeting mutually elected a routine supervisor.
  • Special Consultant: Presently, the post of technical advisor is held by Mr. Frank Bai (the richest reputable man in this field), and Mr. Dennis Lin.
  • Secretary: One general secretary and general manager were elected respectively, to execute tasks designated by the chief director. 14 staffs were designated to drive each service.
  • Committee: In order to promote the development of the service, each committee member is responsible for a committee activity. For example: “Conference Affair Development Committee”, “Exhibition Committee”, “Technological Development Committee”, “International Affair Committee”, “Market Information Committee”, “Members Gathering Activity Committee”, “Business Publication Committee”, “Environmental Work Committee” and etc.

Members Scale

Presently, the member scale continues to grow. The member scale has reached 700 on Dec 2019.

TPCA Mission

In the near future, besides representing Taiwan in participating in the international printed circuit board industry activities, Taiwan Printed Circuit Board Association will also launch the most detailed and complete market development tendency and original material, equipment for the cross-straits exchange. In addition to playing the role of collecting information, we will also provide related specialization or market information as required by the industrialist for members’ reference, thus we will become the hub for providing and issuing of the industrial information. This will strengthen Taiwan Printed Circuit Board industry, as well as overall competitiveness, and hoping that through the mutual recognition by the printed circuit industry, the association will become the communication bridge between merchants, government and educational world, enabling the overall industrial development to be more perfect.

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